Walkthrough for SoA's first Last Ninja Engine

Wondering what Soa's Engine is? Check it out!

You start here. Either kill or jump past the
guard. In the next screen you may get rid of the
bad guy and take the sword afterwards
or wait a second for him to patrol the lower area,
run to the sword and attack him with it.

Continue on your way, open the black
cabinet and take the shuriken inside.
You only have five, so keep one for the final guard!

Continue until you arrive at the rightmost corner
of the garden. Stand like this and walk to the right.
After entering this little maze of vases try to head
towards the northeast and (with a little luck) enter the
screen to the right. Ready your weapon.

Kill the baddie and press the secret button on the
wall panel, this opens a secret door in the next screen.

Continue and walk northwest at the next crossroads.
Get the bottle from the shelf.

Walk back to the vasemaze and fill
the bottle with water.

Walk northwest and water the withered plant.

The platforms will appear.

Ok, this looks harder than it is. When standing on a platform
hold shift when you turn to face the right direction. First jump
down, then to the upper left, two times to the left and the last
jump is up. There you go. Kill the guard and take the key.

On your way back walk slowly into the next screen or
you'll sink. Jump back like this: down, right, right,
down-right and up! Whew, we're nearly there! Keep going
to the northeast until you arrive at the Dragon Door.
Use your newly found key to unlock and open it.

There it is, Kunitoki's blood! A well placed
shuriken helps you avoid a lenghty battle.

Take the blood and escape through the secret passage!

You made it! Leave this dreaded place and continue on your quest...

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