The Last Ninja 2: Mountain Hideaway

You start here.
Let go of the rope at the right moment and jump on the roof.

Walk northeast and enter the mansion through the window.

Head southwest and enter the bedroom to get the rope from the wall.
Notice the nice painting. : )

Return to where you 'broke in' and enter the library.
Use the rope to lower yourself into the kitchen.

Leave it and enter the other room in the basement.
Turn off the security system or the guards will be much stronger.

and enter the (not so well) hidden door behind the plant.

X-Ray on !

Kill the (pretty tough) guy and switch on the light in the next room.
Wait. Switch it off again.
And on. Off. On.
Gives you 500 points everytime! Thanks to Scorpion!

Stand on the right spot to open another valve
and divert the steam from the entrance.

Some interesting thoughts from Timmy Brolin:

In the last room in the mansion level, you don't have to mess with
the valves to stop the steam if you don't want to. There is a large
tank in the south west corner of the room. You can walk right into it.
Keep walking south east and you have finished the level.

It is much like the bug/cheat in the central park, in the scene right
next to the scene where you find the staff, you can exit that scene
in several different ways :)

Also, in the mansion, who cares about disabling the alarm? If you
don't care about disabling the alarm, you have to kill or get past
three bad guys total. Only one of them has to be killed after you
set off the alarm. In order to disable the alarm you have to kill
or get past at least four _additional_ bad guys.

Pepare for...

The Final Battle

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