The Last Ninja 2: Office Block

You start here. Walk southwest and enter the first doorway.
Take a look at the computer and write down the 4 digits.
Or take a look at the time when you start the level.
If you start with 17 minutes and 35 seconds
the code to the safe will 1735. :)

Return to the main hallway and enter the last doorway.
Open the secret door

and climb the ladder inside the hidden room.
Stick close to the ventilator and you'll pass it successfully.

Open the doorway, pass through

and you're...outside!
Wait a second to enjoy the view...
a bird...
an airplane...

Jump over the gap

and stay on the ledge. =]
Climb the ladder to reach the top of the building.
Now, quickly, walk towards the edge and grab the rope ladder!

(If the heli leaves you on the roof just stand on the edge and
jump to the right off the screen! Thanks Netkoji!)

And you're on your way to...

The Mountain Hideaway!

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