Last Ninja Gore Animations!

(by me)

(by me)

(by me)

"Head-A-Smash" by Netkoji !

"Slash-A-Cop" by Netkoji ! He's cool. :)

"Ninja Magic" by Netkoji !

"Ninja Magic 2" by me.

"Ninja's Bad Day" by Netkoji

"Ninja Magic 3" by Netkoji

by Juan

"AAARRGGH!!" *munch*
by me

"Stupid Ninja" by Angel Rosario

"Eyepoke" by Angel Rosario

"Armakuni's biggest fan" by Netkoji

Ouch! Made by Thunderblade some time ago to drive a friend mad. ;)
This friend (who called himself "The German Japanese") loved
the Ninja games and often used the eyes as intro pics...

"Ninja - Past vs Present" by Angel Rosario!

by Sigmund Hansen

Shockwave Animation

by Luke (find the two sort of secret endings :)

"Interrogation" by by Iron Kestrel

"Armakuni's vice" by Iron Kestrel

"Clearing the blockage" by Iron Kestrel

"Bloody" by Davor Pasajlic

"Ninja & Dragon" by Davor Pasajlic

"Penalty" by Davor Pasajlic

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