The Last Ninja 3: Stage 5

You start here.
I heard you need full bushido to complete the last level
so use the according weapon during fights.
Walk two times northeast and then northwest.
Get the potion.

Get the scroll in the next screen.
Don't ready it yet.

Keep going until you arrive at Kunitoki's place.

Stand a bit right to the southern tip of the pattern on the ground.
Now use your sword und push your stick up-left or up-right.
Keep this dodging position.
Now press F3 to use the scroll.
Kunitoki get's angry but your sword reflects his attacks.
Elf told me you don't need any weapons to reflect the shurikens
that Kunitoki throws at you. All you need to do is to stand
in the parry-position and if you have full bushido powers
you will reflect them back on him. Thanks!

After hitting him for some time you win.
Now you just need to beat Kunitoki man-to-man and you're through!

You made it!

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