The Last Ninja 3: Stage 3

You start here.
Go northeast and get the scroll.

Then northeast, northwest and get the staff.

Walk southeast (here:)

then southwest and get the cogs from the machine.
The Ninja uses them as shuriken. (Thanks Scorpion)

Head northwest and jump on the bridge.

Walk one screen further and get the plug.
This is the only screen in the series
where you get two items. (sez Elf)
Nope, Iron Kestrel remembered
that you get the lamp and the chain
in one screen in the first level.
Good spotting!

Jump back,

continue southwest and get the potion.

Go southeast and two times northeast.
Put the plug where the vortex is.
Right. What a stupid stupid place
to stand to plug the vortex. Argh!

Keep going northeast until you arrive at a waterfall.
Enter it using the scroll.

Blabla beat guard blabla.

On to the next level!

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