The Last Ninja 2: Central Park

You start here. Walk behind the curtains, beat up the (?) punk
and punch at the yellow box.

The trapdoor outside opens.

Jump into the basement and get the key to the gates.

Exit and walk around the building counter-clockwise.

Take the shuriken stars out of the box while you're there. (Thanks Stefan!)

To the southwest is a psychotic clown juggling with some knives.
He's so clumsy he 'drops' some blades on occasion -
it's safer if you don't walk but somersault past him...
(three jumps - three knives)

In the next screen, pick up the map from the ground.
Now items that you can pick up will flash.

Climb up the gate and jump across the building

to get the staff.

Now you can either jump back or move as far left as you can on the ledge
and jump off the screen. You'll be back on the previous screen.
(courtesy of Cloudmann)

Return, unequip your staff in case you've been playing
with your new weapon and climb down the gate. Backwards.

Or stay on the ledge and jump off to the right of the screen.
You'll reappear in the screen with the psychotic juggler.
(Cloudmann told me this)
Or stand where black and yellow spots are on the ground and walk up. Thanks Scorpion.

Continue on your way.
To the southeast are the restrooms.
Go into the female cabin *yikes* and pick up one half of the nunchakus.

Continue - to the northeast are (yet again!) restrooms!
And again, you shamelessy plunge into the women's room *gasp*,
get the other half and assemble your nunchakus.

(Hey, just in case you didn't notice - I didn't, thanks to Luigi for telling me -
the two nunchaku halfs are of course the chains that flush the toilets!
Of course they're in the female cabins since men's public rooms often consist
of only urinals and no toilet chains. The Last McGyver was here.)

On your way back, don't forget to pick up the hamburger - extra life!

ATTN: As soon as you have only one life left
the hamburgers in LN2 will reappear. Thanks Ali!

Back at the main gates, ready your key and open them!

Ok, timing is crucial:

In the next screen keep going west, don't go north...yet!
Arriving at the last river (see the city streets already ?) turn back,
head north - avoid the bees! - and at the river bank jump up!
You'll land on a small island - give the boat a shove with your staff.

Go to the shore and jump down.

Head west and use the boat to cross the river!

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