The Last Ninja Items

First, the weapons:

The Sword
The Nunchakus
The Smoke Bombs
The Shuriken
The Staff

And now, the items:

Amulet (LN1)
Apple (LN1)
Bag (LN1)
Bellows (LN3)
Bottle (LN1)
Bottle (LN2)
Bottle (LN2)
Card (LN2)
Chain (LN3)
Claw (LN1)
Dust Mask (LN3)
Flow Agent (LN3)
Flower (LN1)
Glove (LN1)
Glove (LN3)
Glove (LN3)
Hamburger (LN2)
Ingot (LN3)
Key (LN1)
Key (LN2)
Key (LN2)
Key (LN2)
Key (LN3)
Key Mold (LN3)
Lamp (LN3)
Lamp (LN3)
Map (LN2)
Meat (LN2)
Meat (LN2)
Orb (LN2)
Potion (LN3)
Pouch (LN1)
Rooftiler's Nails (LN3)
Rope (LN1)
Rope (LN2)
Rope (LN3)
Scroll (LN3)
Scrolls (LN1)
Staple (LN3)

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