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The Last Ninja was (and still is) one of my favourite games on the C64 (and many other systems) when it was published in 1987.
It was (and still is!) notorious for its wonderful music and outstanding graphics which created a very unique atmosphere.

"Burgers, anyone?"
Last Ninja was the most successful original game ever on the Commodore C64. In Europe the sales for the C64 version alone were in excess of 750,000 units and international multi-format sales exceeded 2,000,000 units. It won almost every award available and was critically acclaimed everywhere as an original, ground-breaking game. There is no C64 gamer that has not heard of Last Ninja. Even today, people still talk about the impact it had on the gaming world.
(taken from the Studio 3 (formerly System 3) website)

Since there wasn't any website about the Last Ninja back in mid '97 I decided to create one. We've come a long way since then...
More and more sections were added, more webspace was needed...and with much help, criticism, praise, submissions and suggestions from you fellow Ninja fans the Last Ninja Archives have grown to be (and continue to grow!) what they are today!

Go ahead and dive into the sea of nostalgia - happy exploration! :)

-- Kai, Keeper of the Archives since 1997

The Last Ninja is very popular - if you want to relive the experience get a decent emulator and the games. Read the manuals and if you get stuck consult the walkthroughs. After that read some info on a possible sequel and yes, we also have some eye and ear candy to enjoy. Additionally, there are a couple of custom engines in the works and if you feel like meeting others, visit our forum!

A quickstart manual to get you going:

<Space> - lets you cycle through your weapons.
F1 - toggle music on/off
F3 - select item (scroll up)
F5 - select item (scroll down)
F7 - pause
Run Stop - DIE!

Two important things to keep in mind:
  1. Don't ready a weapon when you want to pray.
  2. Never ready a weapon when you want to do some climbing!


  • Button+up produces quick front slashes towards the enemy's head.
  • Button+left lets you try to cut (sword) him in half or hit him on the head. Badly.
    Use this technique if the enemy stands too near to hit him any other way.
  • Button+right makes a piercing thrust towards the stomach. Ouch.
  • (without any weapon all of the above only lead to punches)
  • Button+down for some serious kicking.
  • Shuriken and bombs are thrown by pushing the joystick left or right (+button).


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