The Back Gardens

You start here. Pull the claw out of the wall

and use it to climb down.
(remember to approach the wall backwards)

Keep heading northeast at the first crossroads
and take the sleeping bomb.

Use it on the next guard to avoid unnecessary combat. We'll try to get the staff as soon as possible! Arriving at the gate, use the silver key to open it. The keyhole is to your right..

Continue on your way. Take note of the path leading to the deadly ants. Continue northeast for now.

After passing the two fountains head northeast and get the magic glove on your way.

A shuriken might be appropriate for the next guard. (he has a staff, you see ?) Keep going northeast and get the staff (YES!) from the little bamboo forest.

(You can even do it without the guard noticing you.)
Head northwest, then northeast and cross the little mountain river. Make sure the bad guy stays dead or he will be a real pest later on. Get the bottle

and return. Keep going southwest. Turn left at the four trees

and take the poison with the bottle. Don't touch it!

Return and continue southwest. Get some shuriken.

Head southeast and return to the evil ants!
Give them a taste of poison.

Now touch the magic fountain to get the blue ninja magic.

Let's head for the rope! Here are explicit directions:

Return to the fountain to refuel your magic. Now we're heading for the ocean. Walk the same way but turn northwest at the bamboo forest and then northeast. Don't try jumping on the stones, you can walk on water, remember ? :-) Cross the ocean and enter the cave to reach...

The Mountain!

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