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Last Ninja 3 Amiga Walkthrough
(little LN3 Amiga Map)

   Last Ninja 3 Amiga


   If you want to have a better bushido, attack the enemies with the same weapon
   they use or without weapon.

   Before you begin your quest to confront the evil Kunitoki for the third and
   possibly final time, take it easy and practice moving your on-screen Ninja
   around the screen. Sure, this mysterious assassin dressed in black is
   exceptionally adaptable and agile but he can be a bit fiddly to control at
   times. Better to make those embarrassing moves now, before the real action

   In particular, somersaulting and turning on the fly will prove essential late
   on. If you can't handle a nifty hop skip and a jump, you can forget it. Please
   remember that plenty of Bushido power is needed in order to complete the game
   Taking on and defeating an opponent with the correct weapon will substantially
   increase your rating.

   Shuriken throwing stars are probably the most devastating weapon, try to get
   close to your target before using them. If you're feeling a bit hard, more
   Bushido power is awarded to a Ninja warrior who uses hand-to-hand combat to
   tackle an armed enemy. Stealth is important but don't take it too far.

   Cowards, on the other hand, will lose this essential source of power if they
   decide to leave a screen without defeating an opponent. Such dishonour in real
   life would have resulted in instant death!


   LEVEL 1

   Pick up the leather glove on the first screen and rooftilers nails from
   outside a group of huts to make a climbing glove, then climb up the cliff to
   get the glass lamp. This restores your energy to a full whack and allows you
   to pick up some gunpowder. Leaving the empty lamp, climb back down and collect
   some gunpowder to join with the lamp and build a bomb.

   Pick up two branches and the chain to make the nunchukas. Collect the sword,
   extra life, shuriken and piece of bark. Now climb back up the cliff and go to
   the screen with the rock. Drop your bomb next to the rock to create a huge
   explosion which fills the gap directly below.

   Climb back down and collect the end of level scroll lying behind the rock. Go
   to the end of level boss and defeat him using your sword. Exit through the

   LEVEL 2

   The sword, piece of bark, nunchukas and shurikens are still in your 
   possession. Collect the rope to climb down near the wall plant. 

   Collect the bellows, then release a lily pad from the reeds using your sword,
   then hop skip and jump onto and over the lily pad. Collect an extra life and
   end of level scroll. Hop skip and jump back over the lily pad to the next end
   of level guardian. Give him a good kickin' with the nunchukas and leave via
   the doorway.

   LEVEL 3

   Bellows are added to your collection of objects saved from the first level. 
   Collect a plug. To gain this item you need to jump onto a little wooden platform
   at the right hand side of one screen and exit the screen to the right. This
   leads to an area where the platform is suspended above a pool of water. The
   plug is located at the very end of the platform, which incidentally is much 
   smaller and narrower than the paths you spend most of your time walking on 
   and looks a lot like a piece of incidental (and inaccessible) background
   scenery. Once you have the plug, drop it into the whirlpool to stop the
   waterfall. Pick up a shuriken (save these for the next level), extra life,
   staff and end of level scroll. 

   Defeat the inevitable EOL guardian with your staff and leave the level by
   using the exit revealed when the waterfall stops. 

   Note: It has been reported that killing the guardian before putting the plug
   in the whirpool may prevent you from finishing the level. If you are having
   trouble ending the level, try killing the guardian after you have plugged
   the whirpool.

   LEVEL 4

   You now own a sword, shurikens, nunchukas, bark, bellows and staff. Grab the 
   climbing staple, hop skip and jump onto lava platforms to climb up and collect 
   end of level scroll, extra life, dust mask, key mould and ingot. Climb back 
   down, hop skip and jump to the left of this lava. 

   Then, using the strange looking protective mask, enter the room filled with 
   dust and seize some flux. Go to the platform near the pouring lava, hold the 
   key mould and perform a pick up action to gain the key to the gate at the end 
   of level screen. Don't forget to get rid of the tough guy first though, using
   your shuriken!

   LEVEL 5

   After the frolics of level four, you're holding a sword, bark, nunchukas, 
   shurikens and staff. Steal a piece of cheese and give it to the mouse, you 
   will be then given the jewelled sword handle. 

   Search for extra energy, an ink pot and a shrunken head, then find the climbing 
   staple so that you can get the vial of life. You must place the head before the
   decapitated monk, who will then come to life and present you with an end of
   level scroll for the portal. 

   When you meet the guardian, you must fight him with no weapons equipped
   (hand-to-hand combat).

   LEVEL 6

   Find the crowbar and the quill. You have a sword, bark, nunchukas, shurikens 
   and staff. The bark, ink and quill will make a scroll. Use the crowbar to
   release a spirit from the cockpit of the crashed plane and receive the bandana. 

   Make sure you've equipped the trendy-looking bandana to cross the red-and-white
   barrier before fighting Kunitoki with the jewelled sword. During the battle,
   you need to walk backwards and press your joystick button in order to block with
   your weapon. This causes any fireballs which strike your sword to deflect and
   injure the shogun. Once his energy is depleted, you'll need to fight him one
   more time. When he dies, the end-game sequence begins. 

   Note: Due to a bug, picking up the crowbar before the quill might result in
   the end of level scroll not being created. To avoid this problem, always
   collect the quill before the crowbar. You'll know if you possess the scroll
   because it will appear in your inventory and Kunitoki will start throwing fireballs.
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