The Last Ninja 1: Palace Gardens

You start here.
Walk east and head southeast at the next crossroads.
If you keep going east you can find some shuriken in case you don't have any left. (Thanks Ali!)
You can also pray at fountains - same rules when praying in front of statues.
(Unready weapon and walk towards it)

Keep going east. Beware, the guy you will have to fight
revives everytime you re-enter the screen.

Next is a beatiful waterfall with stones in front of it.
Just jump to the upper right and then up or right or whatever.

A water dragon emerges from the river but it's harmless. (to me at least)
Always jump to the right, last jump is up.

Get the amulet from the buddha statue

Oh, don't try jumping over the chasm.

Return to the first crossroad instead.

There's a neat trick to cross the first part of the river:
(Thanks to Peter Mattsson for the tip and the smooth animation!)
As soon as you enter the screen hold the stick down.
When you reach the river jump down and you land on the water.
Jump down again and exit the screen to the left. Cool.

And head north.

Get the hidden apple. (Thanks to Řystein Lende Olsen!)

Keep going...

use the glove to pick up the flower ...otherwise you sting yourself so bad you die.

At the next crossroads head north.
South is a river which (again) can't be crossed - if you succeed - eMail!

Keep going...

After crossing the fairly easy river

you arrive at a statue. Wear the amulet and bow before it.
Unready weapons!

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