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November 2014 September 2014 February 2014 December 2012 March 2012 February 2010 16.10.2009
  • LN Archives redesigned!
  • Smaller HTML code, better navigation and many small things.
  • Browse around and let me know about any quirks you encounter.
  • Feel free to post your thoughts in the forum.
  • Did you know the Archives just turned 12 years old? :)
29.07.2008 20.08.2007 10.07.2007 24.12.2006 14.05.2006 21.08.2005 16.02.2005 27.01.2005 13.01.2005
  • More music - two new MP3s (by StoExperts and x-poole) and one MOD by Iron Kestrel.
  • LN Windows Theme by Mark Constable
  • LN1 Archimedes Demo - thanks to Jeroen Groenendaal!
  • Soon: SoA's editor. It was either release or wait longer for the docs to be finished. Stay tuned.
29.07.2004 29.07.2004 19.06.2004 05.05.2004 24.03.2004
  • An old article on System3! Thanks to Ali for that. (I plan to add pics to the crew page soon, stay tuned)
  • Minor correction to the basement pic by Andreas Waldhelm, thanks!
31.12.2003 7.10.2003 26.9.2003 31.8.2003
  • Some new banners!
  • Gavin Lucas of StoExperts started a LN radio station at!
  • I added a LN chat page - we've had an IRC channel for quite some time and this is an effort to coordinate it a bit. :) Thanks to Luke for support, maintenance and most of all, patience! ;O)
  • Loads of wallpapers!
  • Fun stuff! Enjoy a different intro, nice comics, our Ninja everywhere, a LN4 preview ;) and my favourite - the gore section!
  • In addition to that nice LN poem Rob now gives us a Last Ninja song!
  • Thanks to Alex for some info on Matt Gray's post-C64 career. (added link to crew section)
  • Added info from Timmy Brolin to LN2 walkthrough: In the last room in the mansion level, you don't have to mess with the valves to stop the steam if you don't want to. There is a large tank in the south west corner of the room. You can walk right into it. Keep walking south east and you have finished the level.
    It is much like the bug/cheat in the central park, in the scene right next to the scene where you find the staff, you can exit that scene in several different ways :)
    Also, in the mansion, who cares about disabling the alarm? If you don't care about disabling the alarm, you have to kill or get past three bad guys total. Only one of them have to be killed after you set off the alarm. In order to disable the alarm you have to kill or get past at least four _additional_ bad guys.
  • The Atari LN Remix Empire crack works on emulators - try Steem. :-)
  • Added Steinar Lund to Crew section.
  • Rendered fan artwork, whoa! :)
  • Added a sprite patch for LN1 C64 version. (readme)
  • More mobile phone goodies...
  • No update without some MP3s, right ? :-)
22.6.2003 30.5.2003 7.4.2003 22.2.2003 9.1.2003
  • Bit of new LN4 info - release dates for Xbox & Gamecube set to Q4 of 2003.
  • Bye bye frames - good riddance! Finally.
  • Rearranged the menu a bit to reflect the changes. BG music's gone, shorry.. ;)
  • SoA's engine got it's own page!
  • More to come, stay tuned..
20.12.2002 18.12.2002 17.12.2002 12.12.2002
  • New LN4 release date: September!
  • New LN4 release date: June!
6.11.2002 16.10.2002
  • Some screenshots of SoA's upcoming LN engine update!
  • Luke's LN1-Doom 2 added! Wastelands and wilderness!
  • Some LN4 news! GBA added to supported platforms, new release date: March 2003.
  • Added savegames for VICE.
  • Added link to Amiga Stage 1 walkthrough.
31.7.2002 17.5.2002 26.4.2002 24.1.2002 13.12.2001
  • Last Ninja 4 news and new screenshots!! Release date is now Christmas 2002. Will we ever reach it ? :-)
  • And still there are new things to discover. In the wilderness (LN1), after climbing down the wall you can walk to the southwest! There's only one more room and all you can do is fight but hey, I didn't know!
  • Ever wanted to see the LN screens build up piece by piece ?
    Now's your chance without slowing down the game itself! :-)
  • Lots of fun stuff added! Some great LN comics by Martin Zurlinden. You must visit his website, - wonderful design and funny ideas!
  • A fan pic by Rocket Raider.
  • And four new MP3s by White Falcon, Stainless Steel and Sonic Remedy (give "My Last Ninja" a try! :-)
  • Sheesh, time flies by! Ok, this time it's an all-MP3 update! Lots of other neat stuff coming up!
  • TEN new songs by Jurek Raben, Oedipus, Rezistah, Rob Steptoe, Sonic Wanderer, Stoexperts, Tonka and Yoshi!
24.9.2001 26.8.2001
  • Two new remixes by Eric Pochesci and Kristofer Ulfves! A Last Ninja inspired song by V0yager^DarkLight and a new mod by Jonathon Striker!
  • The Shogun's Rock by Ali Pouladi!
  • New LN Winamp skin by Jonathon Striker!
  • Do you have pictures of System/Studio3 people ? Send them to meee, hehee!
  • more to come... (MP3s, LN2-Doom stuff, etc.)
17.7.2001 5.7.2001 8.6.2001 17.5.2001 3.5.2001 19.4.2001 28.3.2001 10.3.2001 16.2.2001 9.2.2001 2.2.2001 26.1.2001
  • New MP3s by Ferrara aka Tony Caven (6 Mixes, most of which are his remastered XMs and that ethereal mix sure sound cool), Feekzoid (Analogue Ninja, I somehow must've overlooked that song), Fredrik and the SToEexperts!
  • More MP3s next week! Wocki, Red Devil, Tomikl and- Puffy!
  • New Last Ninja Demo by the Silents
  • Been working on the message board...
21.1.2001 1.12.2000
  • LN music compo deadline only one month away!
  • Lil' bit of new LN4 info! Thanks to Warren for scanning!
  • New funny pic by Martin D.
  • Added link to Remix.Kwed.Org - new home of C64 MP3 remixes. In case you're subscribed to C64rmx you knew already. :)
  • Soon: LN3 CD32 version
  • Some stuff from Stan Schembri!
  • Last Ninja Archives on Danish national radio! :-)) Every Tuesday night on Denmarks Radio (DR) there's a show aimed at young people. During the past few weeks they have had a feature named "Digital Old School" where people vote for their favorite game from the 80's. You'll then be contacted and interviewed live on radio, and tell about your favorite game. Well, it was Armakunis turn that week. :)
    Thanks to Søren Ladegaard for alerting me!
  • Two funny pics from Ali Pouladi.
  • New artwork by Tommy
  • Msg Board will take some more time but the Book of Ninja is back!!
  • Happy Birthday to Ivonne, the most groovy gal in the world! =)
10.11.2000 18.10.2000
  • is moving to a better server! =) That should take care of all connection problems. Too bad Yahoo bought Simplenet...
  • Message Board and Book of Ninja are temporarily offline until the new scripts have been tested.
  • Replaced the Dead Guys remixes with 160kbit versions. Go TDG! Don't forget to grab their latest Remix: Comic Bakery!
  • LN4 to be released at the end of 2001. I asked Tim Best to confirm the release date in June 2001. Here's Tim:

    "I see that Mark's little joke had more effect than he thought it would. LN 4 will not be released to the public in June next year, what Mark really meant was that it will have its first public viewing at E3 in June but will not be released until nearer the end of the year and yes, it will be on PS 2, X-Box and PC. All versions are being developd at he same time and early next year we will announce which version will make it to market first."
  • Added LN2 musicplayer by Iain Black
6.10.2000 29.9.2000
  • Finally added the custom LN engines section! Check out Soa's awesome work!
  • Added Soa's MP3 which playes in his LN engine! Get it and read the instructions on the engines page!
  • Added operator logo by Duke
  • Simplenet was bought by Yahoo. All accounts will be converted to Yahoo accounts.
    This means I'll have to "upgrade" or cancel my account. Since I currently use 550Mb and Yahoo offers 100Mb for $15 a month or 250Mb for $40 a month I will most probably cancel my account with Yahoo. (Right now I pay 10 bucks a month) Yup, I'm pissed.
    Fortunately, there's the mirror at Lemon64 so the Last Ninja Archives aren't in immediate danger. The rest of though (including Bart's game music and the Girls of '64 site) will need to find a new home. I'm keeping my eyes open - should you have any suggestions please drop me an eMail. I'll only need ~50 Mb for now since Bart might also find a new place to get hosted.
13.9.2000 15.8.2000
  • I had to add two more banners at the Lemon mirror (music & download sections) because Ninja use much bandwidth! All those little MP3 leeching Shoguns, hehe. =)
  • Added another Winamp skin by Michael Calvert!
  • New fun stuff pic my Marco.
  • New Mod by Fox!
9.8.2000 2.8.2000
  • Awww. Bad news. The "Last Ninja Symphony" won't be on the fourth Back in Time CD (now: Swords & Sorcery) but on the fifth (Martial Arts). It won't be performed by Ben Daglish himself, he hasn't got time any more. The symphony will be done by another orchestral arranger and cleared with Ben.
  • Added Last Ninja BBC-micro versions.
  • Added a new remix by Puffy64!
  • New Mod my SoundAmia!
25.7.2000 7.7.2000 3.7.2000 26.6.2000 19.6.2000 16.6.2000 8.6.2000 26.5.2000
  • Some login problems with the Lemon64 site - this time the mirror might lag some days...
  • Updated links to Kim Lemon's site.
  • Added LN 2 bit by Elf:
    The safe code you find on the PC in The Office will always be the time you've used when you start the level. If you start The Office with the time 17 minutes and 35 seconds the code to the safe found on the PC will be 1735. If you get game over on this level, the code will be the time you had used when you died the last time. I never check the PC anymore, since I know what the code will be. :)
  • Added new banner by Luke!
  • New Remix by Bart!
  • Added three new MODs by Oedipus, Psyfighter and Unknown. ;)
  • Here's a page with some LN PC cheats - thanks to Luke for pointing me there!
  • New Doom WAD by Luke - LN3 death sound replaces death scream.
  • Updated links to Feekzoid!
17.5.2000 10.5.2000 29.4.2000 26.4.2000 24.4.2000 19.4.2000
  • New Remix by Puffy! Basement guitar riffs! :)
  • Andrew told me there's a CD32 version of LN3. Surprised ? Armakuni was everywhere! ;)
16.4.2000 14.4.2000 11.4.2000 9.4.2000 6.4.2000 21.3.2000 17.3.2000 13.3.2000 21.2.2000 17.2.2000 8.2.2000 6.2.2000
  • Hugh Riley, graphics artist for LN 1+2, is now working on Unreal 2 at Legend Entertaiment,
    my all-time favourite gaming company! A month ago they were acquired by GT Interactive btw.
    I played all games from Legend except their latest one, Wheel of Time, so no guarantees here. :)
    But all other games from Legend were flawless and had such great atmosphere!
    I often have the feeling Legend is one of the few software companies these days
    that really care about their games and strive to make it as best as they can.
    And believe me, you can see it in their games. Check out Gateway or Eric the Unready.
    Even better, try getting a copy of the Lost Adventures of Legend CD!

    You can finger Hugh here!
  • The Last Ninja Archives now have a mirror at Lemon! (
    Emulation World (the main host) requires a banner to be added though.
    Now you can choose the site that's faster for you!
  • In case the transition produced some dead links drop me an eMail, ok ?
1.2.2000 27.1.2000 25.1.2000 18.1.2000 17.1.2000 12.1.2000 11.1.2000 10.1.2000 8.1.2000
  • Taxims address may not be correct anymore! Stay tuned!
2.1.2000 25.12.1999 22.12.1999 13.12.1999 10.12.1999 6.12.1999 3.12.1999 2.12.1999 25.11.1999 25.11. 24.11.1999
  • Minor changes/corrections all over the place.
22.11. 17.11. 10.11.
  • Fixed WinTHX link (Thanks Florin!)
  • I'm properly connected again!! Yowza!
  • Added desktop theme by Chad
  • Fixed LN1 Atari link! Thanks Stephan!
  • The MP3s made from .MEDs are *not* from Putzi.
    The author is unknown and Putzi just submitted them.
  • Added new gore animation by Netkoji!
  • I can only connect to the net once a week (and weekends) right now.
    I hope it'll get better soon so I can act faster!
  • Main page should look better with Netscape now (Marginheight=10 instead of 40)
  • Added cheat for LN3 Amiga. (Thanks to Dinko)
  • Fixed bug in Credits section! I forgot one tag and the whole credits were missing when browsed via Netscape (don't know about IE) and I accidentally discovered it. Didn't anybody notice ? ;-D
  • Added two desktop tiles to Artwork/Desktop Goodies.
15.10. 14.10. 11.10.
  • Still problems with fonts anywhere ? eMail me!
  • Looks like the pages (especially the font size) don't look right on the more popular browsers...
    I also resized the top bar and pic. Sizes _should_ show up fine now...eMail my if something is still wrong.
  • For the record, I browse with ultra-fast (compared to IE or Netscape) Opera and run a res of 1152x864.
  • Added the old Archives! :)
10.10. 18.9. 17.9. 9.9. 4.9. 1.9. 30.8.
  • Added link buttons to City of C64 and Cocos on main site (check them out)
28.8. 26.8. 19.8.
  • Hugh Riley (LN 1+2 graphics guy) is the lead artist on Morrowind (Bethesda's RPG followup to Daggerfall)
  • Added LN Atari versions - thanks to Grazey!
    (LN Remix doesn't work on emulators yet)
  • Added short crack descriptions to C64 LN versions
  • Added Hugh Riley's eMail addy to LN crew section
18.8. 17.8. 11.8.
  • The Eclipse takes place!
  • New fun stuff pic from Scorpion!
  • New MP3 Remixes by Puffy and Bart K
  • Updated LN3 Stage 2 walkthrough - the platform is a lilypad (Thanks Staffan)
  • The Last Ninja Archives are now finally part of the Commodore Webring!
  • Added LN Amiga Screenshots (Thanks ThunderBlade)
15.6. 1.6. 27.5.
  • Added info the the LN Amiga reviews:
    LN2 was ported and enhanced (??) to the Amiga by Activision, not by System 3, the other 2 Ninja games were programmed directly on the Amiga by System 3 - Thanks to Robin for the info!
21.5. 21.5.
  • Minor change in Palace Gardens walkthrough - resupply your shuriken! - Thanks Ali!
18.5. 17.5. 16.5. 11.5. 10.5.
  • New version of LN3 by Thunderblade of DMAgic!
    Some highlights:
    - Highscore Saver
    - fixed flicker-bug in end sequence
    - music fixed to sound ok with SuperCPU on
    - Docs included
    - Ninja 3 cover scanned and included
    - Cheater ;)
6.5. 5.5. 2.5.
  • Updated link to the HVSC
  • New LN4 info!
  • Updated LN Remix SID (Thanks Jaromir!)
  • Added link to Reyn Ouwehands site!
  • New link banner
  • Prepare for some cool stuff from the source! ;)
22.4. 19.4.
  • Added new LN MP3 from the Magnus & Erik Band!
  • About the LN symphony on the next Back in Time CD - Benn himself will
    be performing, composing and producing the whole track. Also, it may
    appear on BIT 3, not BIT 2 depending on when Benn finishes it... :)
    (Thanks to Chris Abbot himself for the info)
  • Fixed dead links in music section - thanks Dirk!
16.4. 13.4. 6.4. 3.4. 2.4. 1.4.
  • Shotgun Guard has started work on a PC-LN engine but won't have the time to continue work on it.
    If there's anyone familiar with Delphi and really wants to continue/finish it (or write an engine himself ?)
    he offered to give him/her the source.
    Here's the pre-pre-alpha version for download.
    (Also in other systems download section)
    (No joke. =)
  • The second Back in Time CD
    "will contain a Benn Daglish "Last Ninja Symphony",
    which will tie together the various themes. It will be orchestral."

    (Chris Abbot, Producer)
  • Binary Zone is selling LN CDs recorded directly from the C64!
  • - cool, isn't it ? ( will stay active of course)
  • Also: - no need to type that long anymore! :']
23.3.1999 16.3.1999
  • New midi tune
  • Bad News - according to Gamesdomain:
    System 3 shuts
    REPORTED BY: Kate Glanville    (GENERAL)
    System 3, the UK games veteran has been forced to pull
    out of publishing on financial grounds after the collapse
    of a deal left the firm struggling. However, the development
    arm, Studio 3, will stay open. It is currently working on
    Street Wars - Constructor Underworld, which is scheduled
    for release in May through Infogrames.
  • Thumbnails in Artwork section
  • Added MIDI in music section
  • Added Zips in several sections to download batches of stuff
  • Divided download section into C64 and Other
  • New C64 demos in download section!
  • New Ninja Everywhere pics
  • Added pic in Fun Everywhere section
  • New banner
  • Applied for the C= ring and added a C64 banner
  • Added pic in Fun Everywhere section
  • Added new LN1 musicdemo
  • Reworked layout a bit...longer menu bar. Is it ok ?
  • Main pic changed to a graphical menu. Suggestions ?
  • Added a counter and started at 6000 since Simplenet's report
    (which is only available for the last two weeks) gave me this number!
4.2.1999 1.2.1999
  • Added new Doom2 wad
  • Added Last Ninja 4 map by Jon Wells! (download section)
  • Added new Link Button
  • Added some demos and sorted the LN Demo Archive
  • Added new Link Banner
  • All MP3 Remixes online and added 4 new ones!
  • Linked to Instant Remedy's new site (C64 MP3 remixes!)
  • Added a two new LN demos to the LN musicdemos Zip - Thanks to Joe Forster and myself!
  • Reworked download section a bit...
  • Download section: LN4 bits!! Go check it out now!
  • Soon: new MP3 remix! It's already on Triad's site! (by Putzi)
  • Added link to Triad's site
  • System 3's website will be but it's not up yet.
  • Soon: new MP3 remix! It's already on Triad's site! (by Instant Remedy)
  • New buttons for linking - moved to artwork section!
  • Finally changed link to Arnold
  • Removed link to Lazarus - see ya, guys! :(
  • A _very_ early screenshot of LN1!
  • And fixed some minor bugs
21.12. 16.12. 10.12.
  • I had to take down LN1 C64 version because of copyright issues. I'm negotiating though... ;)
  • LN4: PSX version by Core Design but nothing to do with LN nor System 3!
  • LN4: PSX version by Core Design ?
7.12. 25.11. 23.11. 22.11. 20.11.
  • Yeah baby: HTTP://

  • All Last Ninja games downloadable!
  • Amiga versions!
  • LN2 NES version!
  • Reworked my black LNA button
  • LN4 not before early 1999 (big surprise)
  • More stuff in download section! Doom 2 WADs! =)
  • More Fun Stuff!
  • Added interesting stuff in several walkthroughs!
  • and some other minor stuff
  • Today is my girlfriend's 18th birthday!! All rejoice! =)
  • Fan Artwork section!
  • New Last Ninja Remix Mp3! (music section or here)
  • Updated link to Lazarus
  • Removed a Last Ninja Remix by Zardax by author's request (aww, it wasn't that bad! :)
  • There were some problems with the International Ninja pic in the fun stuff section - fixed
  • updated latest gore animation
  • Looks like there won't be that many updates the next time as I'm moving (physically) and I'm pretty much outta webspace.
  • I guess I'll try Simplenet...
  • New main page & new background
  • Thanks to Shotgun Guard for sending me lots of cool LN stuff:
  • New scans in artwork section
  • LN5 ?!? (fun stuff)
  • Tiny little typing error in LN3 manual corrected
  • New LN comic, gore animation and Ninja everywhere pics!
  • New Ninja Everywhere pic
  • New link button
  • All Ninjas downloadable again! some days
  • New Last Ninja comic.
  • Last Ninja 1 is up again. Thanks to Till for carrying it on his site!
17.8. 10.8.
  • Small change in LN3 stage 3 walkthrough (the shuriken) - thanks to Scorpion!
  • More way cool material in the Fun Stuff section!
  • And a new Link button!
  • I eMailed Ben Daglish (LN1 music guy) - see what came out if it in the LN Crew section! :)
  • I wrote a little intro for the soundtrack section - Ben inspired me. ;)
  • 3 new gore animations by Netkoji and one by me!
  • Renamed "Gore section" to "Fun stuff"
  • more Fun stuff: The first Last Ninja Comic and Ninja Ninja Everywhere!
  • And a new Linkbutton by Netkoji
  • Ninjamp (10k) - a Last Ninja Winamp skin!
  • Oh, and I'll be away for another week in the beginning of August. As if anybody cares. ;)
  • Exchanged LN Remix with LN3 which is up now.
  • The Last Ninja real mailing list! See intro section!
  • I got an account at crosswinds but FTP access is waay to slow so my search continues...
  • Minor changes to LN2 walkthroughs (alarm in 2-6, helicopter in 2-5)
  • Added LN Remix tunes to LN3 Soundtrack.
  • I'll be off to the states for some weeks soon so replying to your eMails might take some time...
  • Minor changes and added some links in Music/Soundtrack sections
  • LN SIDs fixed, LN 123 still down (need webspace) but NEW LN4 shots!
  • Changed LN2 (stage 7) walkthrough a bit - thanks to DeleteR!
  • I'll be changing ISPs soon - expect some major LN4 stuff!
  • Last Ninja 123 (C64) were taken down temporarily (see download section)
  • Added two links to cool Last Ninja Remixes (see music section)
  • Fixed bug in LN2 walkthrough! I forgot to mention that the candles need to be lit!
    Thanks to Manuel for the eMail!
  • I revised the LN3 manual a bit and am having uploading problems now.
    As soon as this is fixed I'll upload it again. (as a a whole)
  • As soon as I can I'll upload a bunch of new LN4 screenshots.
    And LN4 will either be called "Return of the LN" or just "The Last Ninja"
  • New Last Ninja 2 Sid file. (ending fixed)
  • New Last Ninja 3 Sid file. (two new 'tunes' from the intro)
  • Last Ninja 3 manual!
  • Last Ninja 3 cover artwork!
  • Coming soon: more LN4 info
  • Higher resolution LN4 screenshots
  • LN3 Tracklist (soundtrack section)
  • News tidbits in Central Park walkthrough! (Thanks to Cloudmann!)
  • Coming soon: LN3 manual ! Heheh.
  • Added some LN4 screenshots!
  • Added a font from the LN1 manual (download section)
  • Ah! Last Ninja 3 Stuff! (Intro, Walkthrough, Items)
  • A tiny little bit more LN4 info...
  • Finished LN 3 today! I'll start with capturing the screens...
  • Need much more info on the Last Ninja Crew!
17.4.98 15.4.98
  • Opened Last Ninja 4 section
  • Hm, Last Ninja 3 _is_ pretty hard...currently stage 3.
  • Oh, and I'll create hundreds of other soundtrack CDs...mmmhhh...
  • New LN Remix SID in the music section (Funky Ninja by TLF)
    I really LOVE the Pacey Ninja tune by Jon Wells...mmmmhhh...
  • Links to HVSC (Music section) and Arnold (Download section)
  • If you want to receive an eMail when something *big* happens in the Archives just let me know!
  • As soon as I finish the LN3 + LN4 sections I'll start restructuring the other stuff, especially the C64 page!
  • Added 'The Crew' section with a short Hugh Riley 'essay' =)
    - need more info, of course...
  • Download section: Get the LN3DOCS.PRG for some LN3 info (until I get hold of the manual)
    (Thanks to Stefan Wolff for this!)
  • Updated link to Lazarus in download section
  • Working on Last Ninja 3 Stuff...
  • New stuff in LN1 walkthrough (Palace Gardens) - Thanks, Peter!
  • The Stoexperts have created a CD with new covers of classic C64 tunes.
    3 Last Ninja Tunes included - order it here. (page only in German)
    (added link to Soundtrack section - and a small menu as well)
  • Changed main page
  • Some very small changes
  • Slowly starting with Last Ninja 3...
  • LN3 soundtrack CD ready! (but oh so short!) Any suggestions on how to fill the CD ?
    The different remixes ? Mods ? (I'll have to ask the authors then)
  • Changed Soundtrack pricing
  • Turrican 1+2 soundtrack CD fnished, LN3 CD nearly completed...
  • Working on LN3 & Turrican 1+2 soundtrack, will take some time...
  • Added running time to LN Soundtrack section
  • The Last Ninja 4 ?!?!?

    I've heard about this from several people but as of now I have no clue what's it all about.
    If you've got ANY info on this (or web/eMail addresses where to get some) please tell me !
    Thanks to all Ninja fans! You keep this site alive!
  • available now: Last Ninja 2 Soundtrack!
  • changed music descriptions and added some tunes
  • Small menu changes
  • Item/weapon icons in all walkthroughs
  • Changed Intro ! (+new funny pics)
  • Last Ninja 2 stuff added!
  • Changed all filenames
  • Made a wastelands loader screen. Cool.
  • New Last Ninja 3 C64 version (Dunex, not Ikari/Talent - less bugged)
  • Unbelievably small gore section changes. Will anyone notice ?
  • Thousands of minor changes here & there
  • Last Ninja 3 Preview
  • Funny Last Ninja Archives buttons/banners! (on the intro page)
  • Last Ninja Archives updates moved to Last Ninja Archives
    (no need to jump to the silly main page anymore! Yay!)
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