Older LN4 News

Changed release date to 2005 to keep up to date. :)

LN4 is not cancelled. No need to worry yet. :)

You might want to check out this, this, this, this and this! Cancelled ? Hmm..

New screenshots, thanks to Maham for sending them in!

It's back at Simonsays.com again...

Can't find 'ninja' at Simonsays.com anymore. :-( Last we heard was September 2003. Gamecube version is scheduled for the end of 2003 as well...

Big surprise ;-) from Simonsays.com: New release date is June 2003. We got pretty near this time. ;) So far, only the Xbox version is scheduled... :-(

I saw the GBA supported on some release list so I added it to the supported platforms for now. While the LN page at ssinteractiveonline.com (dead) (check out their LN press release) says the game is to be released in Fall 2002 (hey, that's about now! ;-) the simonsays.com website (search for ninja) gives March 2003 as a release date. From past experience I'd say it's safer to go with the later date...

Introlux told me he rang Studio 3 and found out that The Last Ninja 4 will be released for PS2, GC, and XBOX (see boxshot to the lower left) in November this year! Sounds too good to be true, eh ? :-) We'll see...
But what about the PC version ? That's what I'm interested in.. sniff..

Stefano sent me some new screenshots and a link by Matt Browne on ign.com covering the games being shown at E3. There is a game for PS2 called "The Last Ninja" being shown by Simon & Schuster who Matt is assuming is publishing the game for Studio 3...

Some more screenshots and a confirmation for the gamecube! Release date Sep 2002 they say ? Ok... we'll see about that. ;o)

Aaah, LN4 for Gamecube...?

Ah, an article in PC Zone! Thanks to Warren Pilkington for scanning it in!
Changed release date to Christmas 2002 and current title to Last Ninja: The Return.

Hold it right there! Take a look at this screenshot from PC Format mag. Thanks to Pricer for sending it in! Changed release date to 2002. ;)

Looks like yet another deadline has been breached. No Ninjanews from E3. :-(

Little article from PC zone sent in by Warren Pilkington!

Thanks to Michael König for this link!

Tim Best: "No release in June":
"I see that Mark's little joke had more effect than he thought it would. LN 4 will not be released to the public in June next year, what Mark really meant was that it will have its first public viewing at E3 in June but will not be released until nearer the end of the year and yes, it will be on PS 2, X-Box and PC. All versions are being developd at he same time and early next year we will announce which version will make it to market first."

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