The Last Ninja 2: The Basement

Here's a map from the whole level, thanks to Iron Kestrel.
(two rooms with green walls added by Andreas Waldhelm :)

You start here. Walk east and climb the ladder.

Go west and pick up the card.

Stay on the platform until you arrive at the doorway.
Step inside and get the piece of meat.

When you return don't wait too long in the doorway:
A bug will allow the bad guy to hover up to you...

Climb down the ladder (backwards) and head east.
Jump past the trolley (if you time it right you can even run past it...)

Next, jump over the electrical wires (or get zapped!)

and get the burger.

Keep going until you arrive at the stacked boxes.
Watch your step - a fall from this immense height will prove fatal to the ninja!
Jump like this:
(lower right, lower left, lower right, right)

In the laboratory, walk west and dip the meat into the opium.

Not so tasty now, is it ?
Return and head east. Approach the dog (panther ?) until he lifts his head.
Give him the poisonous meat .

Finally, insert the security card into the slot to the right from the bars and enter...

The Office Block!

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