The Last Ninja 1: The Wilderness

You start here.
Get the claw from the right stone lion's paws.

Walk east until you approach a wall of rock. Use the claw (F5),
unready your weapon and walk straight at the wall. Up you go.

Continue east until you arrive at the next obstacle.
Jump elegantly over it.

Get the apple that's in the dark cave. It's here:

To climb down the wall unready your weapon, use the claw,
turn around and walk backwards to the right. If you're too far left, you'll fall.
(Go to the southwest if you feel like fighting...)

Keep going east. At the river keep pushing the stick to the upper right and jump on the first stone,
same direction on the second and then jump up and you're over.

Head northeast at the next crossroads and east at the next one. Get the glove.

Continue until you see an item blinking at the right.
- touch it - Ninja Magic! - you start to glow - and run!

If you exit to the northwest you return to the first crossroads - head west.
This time keep the stick to the lower left and jump on the first stone.
Then hop left on the second and then down.

Run northwest!
Noo! Another swamp! Not now!
Jump up, up & right, make a step to the right and jump up.

In the next screen jump right and then up. You're over.

Hurry up! Get the staff

and walk past the stone dragons!

If you stopped glowing you'll have to return. Too bad.
(Thanks to G.P.M. Hof who did the swamp animations!)

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