by Shotgun Guard

Legoninja ?! Thanks to Scorpion/Passion for sending it in! =)

And here's the Playmobil Ninja! Thanks to Andi!

Harem Ninja by Scorpion.

Pics from new Last Ninja game by Juan.

Bertninja's first birthday..

Some nice animated website backgrounds from Martin of

The Last Vader by Iron Kestrel (1.12 Mb)

This pic was ripped and converted to C64 hires from Body Blows (Amiga).
Luigi is working on a slideshow with some pictures about how he thinks
LN4 (which he renamed as "The Last Return") should appear on the C64.

2003 Xmas wishes from Iron Kestrel. :)

On a different note - by Hein

Found at xmas calendar...

The Donald Duck magazine in Denmark is called "Anders And". Every week, Donald Duck has a test.
On December 6th, 2007, it was a test called "Are you a ninja?"
Looks familiar? :-) Here's a translation in case you're interested.

Luigi DiFraia receiving his next task

A hint for the palace gardens by Didi ;-)

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