Last Ninja bits

LN slowmotion patches by Luigi di Fraia
Ever wanted to see the LN screens build up piece by piece ?
Now's your chance without slowing down the game itself! :-)
LN1 Previews
A disk with some non-interactive previews of The Last Ninja 1.
LN3 Preview 
A preview of LN3. Thanks to Řystein Lende Olsen!
LN1 Docs  (Triad)
LN2 Docs  (Fairlight)
LN3 Docs  (Thanks Stefan Wolff)
LN4 bits
Jon Wells started on LN4 (with some music by Feekzoid) but System 3 didn't publish it.
Jon drew a big map (2940x2072x16 Gif) (see small 1188x856 preview)
Thanks to Kenz for sending me these interesting bits!

Last Ninja related games

The Beauty and the Beast
By System 3
(Thanks Ben!)

Vendetta  (trained version)
By System 3 - the Vendetta engine was written from scratch and then used as the basis for LN3.
Thanks to ThunderBlade!

Tusker (140k)
Another System 3 game that's very LN like...

Angry Ninja (22k)
Plays like a text version of LN 1. :)

Last Ninja related demos:

Get all demos in one zip (509k)

LN1 demo by ACC LN1 demo by CFR
LN1 demo by GKC LN1 demo by Silents
LN1 demo by Sita Soft LN1 demo by TCA
LN1 demo by TFF LN1 demo by TLG
LN2 demo (1) by VIC LN2 demo (2) by VIC
LN2 demo by Digital Dungeon LN2 demo by Fire-Eagle
LN2 demo by STA LN2 musics by Sub Zero
LN2 demo by FLT LN3 demo by ASC
LN3 demo by Omega LN3 demo by XF
LN Remix demo by XR LN demo by Gazz
Ninja Musix by Alpha Flight First Ninja by TCA
Final Ninja by TLS Goodlookin' Ninja by Evil Forces
LN1 demo by Wizax  

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