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Last Ninja History (A Last Ninja Tribute Poem)
by Robert T. Devlin

When I was a kid in ‘87’s year,
My mind switched to Last Ninja’s gaming gear.
Six levels in all this game possessed,
An understatement to say I was impressed.
Easy to admit, I was and still am obsessed,
In all honesty back to childhood at times I have regressed.
So I know I cannot solve this mystery,
Whilst reviewing my Last Ninja History.

By this game I was blown away,
I played it throughout the night and day.
Many times to cut down I was urged,
But my gaming self could not be purged.
For still today I attempt to examine,
The triggering of game addiction famine.
Oh powerful is this mystery,
As I struggle to accept my Last Ninja History.

Unique indeed was it’s soundtrack,
Such a shame it’s style of music won’t come back.
Knowledge of it’s composers is all but gone,
By now I’d hoped the light of their return had shone.
The authors of it’s tunes, Ben Daglish and Anthony Lees,
Each time listening to their music, my ears are pleased.
For I am entranced and besotted by this mystery,
Yet still I journey through my Last Ninja History.

Like any series, end it can,
A period of four years Last Ninja’s magic ran.
By this time it became a trilogy,
Admired, respected and praised were it’s creators System 3.
The period I speak of, years from ‘87 to ‘91,
Yes!!, they created fond memories of sheer ninja fun.
Dare to ask myself should I solve this mystery?
Though I still intend to search my Last Ninja History.

Graphically Last Ninja was stunning,
Plot involved countering a shogun’s cunning.
In all respect this game was hardly puny,
Throughout it’s story you controlled Armakuni.
For his journey was no idle stroll,
His mission, to avenge his order’s loss and recover white ninja scroll.
Still there is no clarity to this mystery,
Dig deeper I do, in the depths of my Last Ninja History.

The Last Ninja’s enemy,
Called himself evil Shogun Kunitoki.
It’s story’s setting, the island of Lin Fen,
In Japan’s 17th century, way back then.
Last Ninja’s ending was somewhat mysterious,
I ask myself: “Can System 3 be serious?”
Ever more challenging becomes this mystery,
Swimming through the pages of my Last Ninja History.

Sitting in front of my C64, equipped with clothes and shoes,
My feet stomping the floor at Last Ninja’s final
words: “Quest Continues!!”.
So Last Ninja 2’s arrival was set,
A more than adequate sequel you can bet.
It’s time was hardly late,
For it arrived in 1988.
So humorous, yet tedious is this mystery,
The quest of exploration through my Last Ninja History.

In this final verse what can I mention first?
That Last Ninja concluded at it’s worst!?
All I can say about Ninja 3,
Is that game and gamer failed to agree.
At the end of the day,
I give my thanks and praise to Matt Gray.
Whose Last Ninja 2 music blew me away.
As for Last Ninja 3’s disappointment, please understand,
That it has exceptional music score by Reyn Ouwehand.
Overall Last Ninja gaming was and is powerful stuff,
And in truth it cannot be said enough.
Perhaps I may now have solved a slice of this mystery,
My love and expression for Last Ninja and it’s history.

Armakuni, The Last of Ninjas
by Mohammad Rezaee

In the darkest hours of Kunitoki's attack
there still remains a ray of light
there still lingers in my mind
the atrocity by which ninja's clan ruined
and who is gonna restore faith in our hearts ?
Armakuni, the last of ninjas...
clench fisted, determined, with a dark vengence in his eyes

the road, the map, every thing is changed
could it be another shogun's trickery ?
ninja's power is put to test
and who is gonna attack the devil in his nest ?
Armakuni, the last of ninjas...
clench fisted, determined, with a dark vengence in his eyes

Ninja's strides, trembing of enemies' hearts
daring to stop him, getting killed at once
a warning it is for the steel covered shogun
and what does he see in his darkest dreams ?
Armakuni, the last of ninjas...
clench fisted, determined, with a dark vengence in his eyes

making his way to the inner sanctum, the shogun is gone
but there lies the book of ninjas
all his pain, it is not his final gain
and the quest continues for the devil shogun
there is only one to fulfill this quest
Armakuni, the last of ninjas...
clench fisted, determined, with a dark vengence in his eyes

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