The Last Ninja 3: Stage 1

You start here.
Enter the house and pick up the glove.
Walk two times northeast and get the sword.

Head northeast and get the chain dangling under the shrine.

Return and walk past the statue to the southeast,
then northeast - get the pieces of wood.

There you got your Nunchaks!
Continue to the southeast and get the Rooftiler's Nails.

Now you can use the glove for climbing .
Head northeast and get the potion in front of the doorway.

Walk northwest and two times northeast.
Get the shuriken.

Now go northeast, northeast, southeast.
Use the glove to climb the wall.

Walk along the ledge and get the lamp at the end.

Climb down and fill it with explosive powder.

Climb up again and drop it at the large boulder.

Retreat and walk two times northwest.
Get the scroll.

Head southeast, use the scroll and enter the building.

Beat the guard.

On to the next level!

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