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Rarely does a company make as dramatic an impact as did System 3 with the award winning games The Last Ninja and the Last Ninja II. This software innovation proved to be a major advance in home computer entertainment achieving critical acclaim from the media and game players around the world.
Now regarded as a "Licence within itself", this series of games reaches an unequalled pinnacle of excellence with the arrival of Ninja III.
Seldom has a series of games won as many awards worldwide as The Last Ninja.
Never has such a series of games just got better and better.
Ninja III is ready to explode onto your screen with the most glorious display of graphics and animated fight sequences ever seen in this type of game. With pulsating sound and a massive introduction sequence, Ninja III displays a degree of excellence never before experienced by even the most seasoned Ninja fans.
As Ninja III is far more than a simple action game, we suggest that you read the instructions carefully and spend some time becoming totally familiar with the controls.
We hope you enjoy this our latest game.

Note:Throughout this book you will see icons which you will need to collect in order to triumph in your quest.

Good're going to need it


The Story

The Ninjitsu, or Ninja, had become the most feared warriors of their day and were feared by even the most powerful Samurai. Known as the Mystic Shadow Warriors, they were the Úlite fighting force of ninth century feudal Japan. Dedicated to fine tuning their bodies into killing machines, their mastery of weapon craft, assassination, stealth and invisibility led many to believe them to be invincible if not immortal.
Centuries later and only Armakuni, the Last Ninja, remains. Still as proud as ever, still as valiant in battle, he strives to further uphold the moral strengths of Good, against the persistent scourge of his arch enemy Kunitoki's relentless spread of Evil.
Kunitoki is the evil Shogun of the Ashikaga Clan who has long envied the powers of the Ninja and would do anything to acquire the Ninjitsu knowledge. To this end he has sworn an oath to their total destruction. This oath has led the evil Shogun into many battles with the Last Ninja, who himself has dedicated his very existence to avenging the mass slaughter of the Ninja brotherhood, centuries ago, by the twisted Shogun. Their clashes across the vortex of time and space were nothing short of epic, their hatred for one another timeless.
The struggle of Good versus Evil had taken Armakuni to the island of Lin Fen, the shrine of the white Ninja, to halt the wrath of Kunitoki and to protect the further teachings of the vital Koga scrolls. Armakuni had been victorious but not 100% decisive as Kunitoki slipped his grasp.
Years later, Armakuni had been dragged across time to modern day New York, as again Kunitoki's ideas of corruption looked set to threaten modern day ideals.
This was supposed to be their last battle, Armakuni's determination had sworn to that, but yet again the Shogun had slipped away. Humiliated, supposedly defeated in spirit and hopefully humbled to the fact that Good will always purvey over Evil.
The struggle in New York had left the Last Ninja battle-weary from countless confrontations with Kunitoki's henchmen, distraught that his age old adversary had eluded him, but resolute that one day his timeless mission would bear the fruits of his persistence.
As time drifted by, the Ninja's role within his own society was of a rather more tranquil existence in comparison to his earlier exploits, but he knew the necessity of his work, the importance of again building a new Ninja brotherhood from his personal knowledge and the mystical teachings of the closely guarded Koga scrolls. Armakuni felt comfortable once more as the teacher and accepted his duties with great passion and commitment, as he had prior to his historic battle in modern day New York.
A stronger order of Ninja slowly began to take shape as masters from the pre-New York era mingled with the young class of '91. During a strenuous training session, a strange feeling came over the class. It was as if time had abruptly stood still. As Armakuni rose from his meditating position a strange pulsating light enshrouded him. The older members of the class knew what was happening, they had seen it it all before and fervently tried to calm the younger class, to ensure them that their master was safe, to educate them as to the role of the spiritual Ninjitsu masters who were again calling on Armakuni, the Last Ninja, for another dangerous mission.
The intensity of the light grew around Armakuni until all who were witnessing the scene were forced to cover their eyes. He knew what was happening, he knew there was unfinished business dating back many centuries. To him it felt as though his gut was turning inside out, as a deep determination coupled with his inner mystical energies began to take over and prepare him for the inevitable battles that must lie ahead. He knows who the ancient masters want him to defeat, after all he has lived for this day ever since his pride was dented by his arch enemy again escaping his grasp in New York. Relieved his masters had at last found Kunitoki again, his only apprehension was the location. Where would he have to ply his trade ? What new time scale would he have to become accustomed to ? How much more advanced would the new realm of Kunitoki's henchmen be in battle ? And ultimately how strong had his deadly rival been allowed to grow in the time lapsed since their last meeting ? No doubt all these questions would be answered in time as slowly Armakuni woke from the darkness of deep sleep.
He recognised the location from earlier studies and heaved a great sigh of expectation as he understood immediately where he had been sent and indeed why ?
Armakuni was back at the very heart of Ninjitsu spiritualism. He had been brought to Tibet, the Tibetan mountains to be precise and the location of his latest exploits were to be the Tibetan temples. These mystical Buddhist temples house the source of inner-power to the Ninja. A temple is divided into 5 chambers, each depicting one of the elements and all combining to provide the Ninja with the very heart of their power and their mystical strength, so symbolic to the very existence of Ninjitsu. The five chamber elements are Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, and Void.
No one had entered the inner chambers of the temples before and so there was no knowledge of what would greet any would-be explorer. Void would be an unknown entity to a Ninja familiar only with the ways of old and whose weaponry would seem somewhat primitive to any "Space-age Assassin" who lurked within this futuristic chamber and who strove to carry out the outlandish orders of their new dictator. Weaponry is, however, just a tool for the Ninjitsu strength. Master of many a move the Last Ninja knows he is up to the task but knows not how long his task will take.
Armakuni takes a moment to meditate but suddenly experiences a strange and chilling sensation. He already knew he would have to confront Kunitoki once again, but his force seemed so powerful this time, more so than ever before. He had been allowed to grow in strength for far too long, surely the elders should have found him earlier. Armakuni did not need telling, the sinister truth of why Kunitoki was here was all too apparent. He was here to corrupt the mystical Buddhist temples, to crush their inner power so symbolic to the strength of the Last Ninja.
Not able to defeat Armakuni in the past with mortal combat, the evil Shogun has turned to the spiritual aspect of Ninjitsu to act out his particular form of corruption. All the learning Ninja brotherhood rely on the Tibetan temples for spiritual guidance and strength, without this they would be no more.
Kunitoki has seized upon this opportunity to destroy the knowledge he could never have and the enemy he could never defeat.

Never was Armakuni's task more important...
Never would the unacceptable result of failure be more damaging...

It would now seem that New York was just the beginning.
Their distaste for each other has grown for centuries, but then...

...real hatred is timeless


Cartridge loading instructions

Note: For Commodore 64 Computer owners, the cartridge slot is located at the rear right side of the machine.

Loading the games

1 Turn on the TV or monitor.
2 Make sure the games system/computer is turned OFF (check the ON/OFF switch on the right side of the console). There must be nothing on the TV or monitor.
3 With the label of the games cartridge facing you, insert the cartridge into the slot on the top of the console. Make sure it is not crooked and fits snugly in the slot.
4 Turn the games system ON.
5 There is an animated introduction sequence at the beginning of the cartridge game. This can be skipped by pressing the joystick button and this gives instant access to the game itself.
6 Now consult the game's instructions for "How to play the cartridge".

C64 Computer loading instructions

Set up your computer system as detailed in your user manual. Ensure that all non essential peripherals - such as cartridges, printers, etc. are disconnected. Failure to do so may cause loading difficulties.

1 If you are using your Commodore C64/128 with the cassette version of Last Ninja III:
Connect your data cassette player and switch your computer and TV/Monitor on.
C128 owners should now select C64 mode by typing GO64, pressing Return, then Y, then Return again.
Insert the Last Ninja III cassette into the data cassette player, ensuring that it is fully rewound.
Hold down the Shift and Run/Stop keys on the computer together. Then press the Play key on the data cassette player. The game should then load.

Refer to the multi-load instructions section of this handbook.

2 If you are using your Commodore C64/128 with the disk version of Last Ninja III:
Connect your disk drive to your computer and switch the disk drive, computer and TV/Monitor on.
C128 owners should now select C64 mode by typing GO64, pressing Return, then Y, then Return again.
Insert the Last Ninja III disk into the disk drive, label side up. Now type LOAD"*",8,1, and hit Return. The game should then load.

Multi-load instructions

Last Ninja III is a multi-load game. Each level will be loaded as you complete the previous one. This means that to enjoy continuous play you must keep your Last Ninja III cassette in your data cassette player, or your Last Ninja III disk in your disk drive, at all times during a session with the game.
If you have problems, consult the user handbook that accompanied your computer or consult your software dealer for advice. In case of continued difficulty and if you have checked all your hardware for possible faults, may we suggest that you return the game to the place of purchase.
If you get stuck on a particular level and need some hints and tips, please contact System 3 at the telephone number listed below.

Customer Enquiries/Technical Support

Tel: (081) 864 8212

System Three Software Ltd
18 Peterborough Road
Middlesex HA1 2BQ

Copyright (C) 1991 System 3 Software Limited.

Keyboard controls for Commodore C64 owners only

F1Turn sound On/Off
F3/F5Cycle through objects held
F7Pause the game
Space BarCycle/Select weapon to use
Run/StopKill the Ninja

The game can only be played with a joystick.
The joystick should be plugged into Port 2.

For C64 GS Console owners

  • The button pressed to start the game will become the fire button for the rest of the game.
  • The selection of weapons and objects on the console is different as there is no keyboard.
  • The button pressed first to start the game from the introduction will become the fire button for the rest of the game. The second button will then automatically become the selection button.
  • Selection of a weapon: Pressing the select button will step through the weapons currently held.
  • Selection of an object: While holding the fire button down, subsequent pressing of the select button will step through the objects currently held.

Potion Bellows Rope
Key Staple Ingot

Basic movement

To change the direction the Ninja is facing, roll the joystick handle through all the positions until you are facing the direction you want.

To walk forwards Push the joystick in the direction the Ninja is facing.
To walk backwards Push the joystick in the opposite direction to the one the Ninja is facing.
To drift across the path Push the joystick in the direction you want him to veer (this applies to walking forwards and backwards).

Special movements

Turning the Ninja Roll the joystick through all the positions until you are facing the direction you want.
Somersault If the fire button is pressed while the Ninja is moving, then he will somersault in that direction.
Pick Up To pick up objects/weapons the button must be pressed and the joystick pulled down-left or down-right (diagonal).

Note: This move is also used at certain points of the game for placing objects in a desired order or position.

Joystick controlled fighting movements

Note: For C64GS Console owners, the button pressed to start the game becomes the button pressed to activate all fight moves.

To activate the fighting moves, the Ninja should be stationary and the fire button pressed.

Unarmed moves
DuckUp-left or Up-right

Armed moves
(sword, Nunchukas and staff)
High StabUp
ParryUp-left or Up-right
Throwing moves (Shiraken, etc.)
ThrowRight or Left

General Tips

The first aspects of the game you should master are the joystick controls. The highly interactive nature of the game is required because of some of the complex moves the Ninja character has to perform. A high level of competence at the controls will enhance your game play considerably.
Because of the adventure elements our second suggestion is that you should get into the habit of recording what happens on each screen. This will enable you to obtain higher scores with repeated play.
The last point is, never take anything for granted - some things are not as they appear. Be curious, nosey, etc. and examine everything.

1 Ninja energy level - Lessens each time Ninja takes a hit, etc. - does not replenish.
2 Enemy energy level - Works the same as above but does replenish once an enemy is defeated, enabling the enemy to get up and fight again.
3Game score
4 Bushido indicator - In the form of a dragon and at start of game appears orange, but gradually turns green as Bushido power is obtained. To leave a screen without defeating an opponent is to lose your honour and you will be deducted Bushido.
5 Weapon/Object window - Weapons and objects found appear in this window as do the objects that have been specifically selected.
6 Prayer wheel - Opens to reveal object/weapon to be picked up on a certain screen. When an object appears, it means the object is nearby. You have to try picking up within that area once you find the spot the object will then be added to your inventory. Also briefly reveals weapon an enemy is holding just before combat, thus relevant to the obtaining of Bushido power.

Note: Bushido is relevant to the completion of the game and your overall strength. For example by taking on and defeating enemies with the same weapon they are carrying, you then become the champion of that weapon and thus your Bushido power increases. The same applies when you take on an armed enemy using only hand to hand combat. This is more difficult but rewarded with substantial Bushido power. It is necessary to have sufficient Bushido power to complete a level and ultimately the game.

There will now follow a complete playing guide to Level One. This should enable the games player to get the feel of this type of game and prepare the player for the difficulties that lay within the levels ahead.

Do not read on if you wish to try and complete the game withour our help.

Dust Mask Shiraken Nunchakus
Flow Agent Sword Staff

Playing Guide to Level One

There are 3 weapons to be picked up on this level. The sword, shiraken stars (5 in one go) and the Nunchukas, which have to be made.
This is done by picking up wooden branches, which will become the handles, and picking up a chain from the hanging flower baskets to link the handles together.

  • First screen - Pick up Leather Glove.
  • Outside a group of two huts, are Rooftilers Nails. Picking these up, combined with the glove, creates a Climbing Glove.
  • Select climbing Glove and climb cliff on Gunpowder screen.
  • On next screen walk across to edge of building to pick up a Glass Lamp.
  • Go back to Gunpowder screen and holding the lamp, pick up Gunpowder to create a Bomb.
  • Go back to Upper Platform at the Rock screen and place the orb/gunpowder bomb beside the rock. An explosion drops the rock to the lower platform.
  • Pick up Scroll which is now accessible by the newly formed Rock Platform.
  • Find level Exit room and enter holding the Scroll.
  • Prepare to fight the lethal guardian Shogun.

Note: Exit Scroll has to be found on each load to exit that level. Extra lives are found in the form of Potions on every level.

Good Luck...


Rooftilers' Nails

Glass Lamp

Gunpowder Explosion


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