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Last Ninja 5 walkthrough

by Shotgun Guard

Last Ninja 5 - back with a plane was released by System 3 in 1996 for the C64 in disk format and tape format. It uses the Last Ninja 3 engine with some very special effects like fading light effects. Why Last Ninja 5 is released before Last Ninja 4 even exists is strange. Maybe System 3 had plans already for a Last Ninja 4? The disk version is 3 disks (6 sides!) and that's every level a side! Last Ninja 5 has no intro... Not enough space I guess... The load-times are longer than in the other Ninja's, but it is worth the time!

The box isn't a cardboard box like most of the other games, but it's a video-tape box. On the front of the box is a white ninja (Armakuni?), a zeppelin, and an English plane. On top is the text 'Last Ninja 5', at the bottom 'Back with a plane'. At the back of the box are some screenshots of Last Ninja 5 with the text 'actual game screenshots'. also left from the screenshots is the text: "After defeating the ghost of Shogun Kunitoki, Armakuni tried to escape from Kunitoki's palace. This couldn't be a hard job, because most of the guards were already killed. While walking outside the palace, Armakuni saw something horrible; the killed guards were standing up again... as zombies...
Is this the work of Shogun Kunitoki again? And will they finally stop Armakuni? You decide! ..."

The whole box is black & white. Why System 3 did this isn't clear but it sure looks different! And have we ever beat the ghost of Shogun Kunitoki? And is the last level of Last Ninja 3 a palace? Or does Last Ninja 4 exist?

The game:

Level 1: The Portal

Last Ninja 1 level 3, drawn in a future style with very cool lighting effects. At the end of the map is a giant Portal which is drawn in more than 25 frames! When you step into it, the next level will load (after flipping disk 1 over) The enemies in this level ARE the enemies of Last Ninja 1 but drawn better and with more frames. There are also lots of zombies, which you can't hit! There are no real puzzles in this level. You can find a sword and a rope.

Level 2: The Hangar

The level is a giant plane hangar. The enemies look almost the same as in Last Ninja 3, except some of them are holding guns. In this level you have to find a can of fuel, and a flight instruction-booklet. The can can be found in the plane-parts room. The flight instruction-booklet can be found in a office in the west part of the hangar. You need the key to the office, which you can find under a plane tire by the third plane (the 369); pick up the tire (it isn't flashing!) and you will move it. Now pick up the key. You have to use the can on the second broken plane (the 365) and it will become a full can.
Use the full can on the plane in the north of the hangar (the 366). Now 'get' the cockpit. The ninja will automaticly enter the plane (when holding the instruction-booklet). Enjoy the spectacular 'fly-away' sequence. The second disk has to be inserted. In this level you can find a shotgun, a pack of shotgun shells (6 shells), and a chain (isn't a weapon).

Level 3: The Chase

This level reminds me of the 'Vendetta' driving parts. But now you are controlling a plane in the 'Armalyte' style. The scenery looks very cool. Now you are attacked by German planes. Throughout the whole level you are following a giant zeppelin, after shooting planes for 3 minutes, the zeppelin will attack. Shoot it 50 times or something, and it will fall down and fire a last shot, which ALWAYS hits you criticaly. You will also crash. Now insert side 2 of disk 2. There are no items in this level. The only weapon you can use are the plane's guns, and you've got infinitive bullets.

Level 4: The Zeppelin

This level starts with a screen where you crashed in the middle of a desert. The ninja stands up, and automatically walks toward the zeppelin on the next screen, and automatically enters it. Enter the room to the east, use the chain on the shadow of the hook. You throw the chain on the hook, and pull it down, and use the hook on the other hook on the ground. Now the upper crate hangs in the sky, and you can access the lower crate. You first need a crowbar. Return to the begin room and enter the room north, kick the glass showcase, get the rose from the vase, get the nunchaku's, now go north, use the computer. It asks for a pass-card to open the door west. Go to the room east, use the rose on the vase (remember Last Ninja 1) and a wall raises. DON'T enter the new room, first go back to the begin room, go east again. You see another wall raised there. Enter that room and get the gas-mask and the shuriken from the open crate. Return to the room with the vase where you inserted the rose. Now hold the gas-mask and enter the room. There are some dead bodies here. Get the first to the left, and you get a pass-card. Now go back to the computer, use the card on the computer and the door to the west opens. Enter it, also here are open crates. 'Get' the one in the north-west of the room, and you will find a crowbar. Go back to the room with the hooks and the closed crate. Hold the crowbar, and 'get' the crate. You will find a lighter, a uniform and a key. Return to the 'computer-room' and use the key on the yellow door next to the computer. DON'T enter it. First hold the uniform (you now look like a enemy in Last Ninja 3), and then enter the room. You will see some enemies that look the like you. You follow them automatically.
Now insert disk 3 side 1.

Level 5: The Secret Base

In the beginning of this level you will see a cutscene where you and the others are driving in a car, and stop in the middle of the desert. One of the enemies now steps out of the car, and pushes a button on the floor. A giant base will upper from the sand. The enemies enter. You also enter automatically. In the base you are back in your ninja-suit again. First enter the room north, then the room north again. Use the switch, and now use the chain on the right switch. The left switch will do nothing! Now return back to the begin room, go west. You see a giant machine which has stopped. If you didn't use the chain on the switch, you would now see a little cutscene of an enemy who pulls back the right switch. Now with the machine stopped you can go on to the west. Now you will always see a cutscene of the enemy that pulls back the right switch. You can't return anymore! But you don't need to return. You are now in a hall which looks like the 'final battle' level of Last Ninja 2. Hold the lighter, and 'get' and the 7 candles like in Last Ninja 2. If they're lighten all 7 the carpet in the middle of the room will open, now 'hold' the rope, and enter the trapdoor. You will climb down, and are now in a giant computer room. Now 'get' the trash-can and you will find shotgun shells, shoot with the shotgun on the 3 computers that are turned on, they will turn off. If all computers are off, the giant door to the north will open. Enter it and insert disk 3 side 2. If you run out of shotgun shells and the 3 computers are still on, you really have a problem. Press the run/stop key until you are game over to start the game again! In this level you can't find any special items or weapons. The enemies in this level are also the Last Ninja 3 enemies, but there are also robots and terminator-like enemies.

Level 6: The Lower Base

This is the final and the shortest level of Last Ninja 5. You start in a room with to the left a blue platform. When you stand on it, your health-bar will be full again. And to the north is a elevator. Walk into it, and you will go down, until the elevator stops. Leave it, and go north (you can't go anywhere else). Now you are facing a machine that reminds me of ED-209 of Robocop. You can't leave the room. Now just kick, punch, shoot etc. like all enemies, but when the lights on the top of the machine are flashing, hide behind one of the 4 walls in the room. If you don't, it will take 3/4 of your health meter. If you defeat it, it will explode in many beautifully drawn frames, and a portal appears again. You automatically enter the portal again, and you stand on top of a hill in tibet again, like in Last Ninja 3, but something different. There is no text or staff like in Last Ninja 1, and you have to reset your C64. Well... you can listen to the song which is looping after 6 minutes...
In this level are no weapons/items and just one enemy who isn't really hard to defeat.

that's all! ...

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