Ale's Last Ninja Engine

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Some older info from Alessio Perardi, the author:

"In my idea it should work without a 3D card on a pentium 120, but it's not sure. Armakuni already runs, does punches, kicks, jumps & so on... but 3D backgrounds are poor and textures horrible. I'd just like you (& everyone else) to spread the word on my work. If you have ideas, suggestions, potential maps or anything know my email!"

Features, currently implemented:
  • Ninja movements, punches, kicks, flying kicks, jumps OK
  • Last Ninja 1 stuff like Buddha suggestions
  • Ninja magic: Armakuni can become invisible for 10 secs. and become a tree
  • Intelligent Enemies - 90%
  • Collisions - 50%
  • Oriental backgrounds - OK
  • Many chars: 4 types of guards, Shinobi reminding colored ninjas & so on.
"I also did gfx for elemental enemies (once beaten they should give Armakuni their magic powers, maybe they could be level bosses, not sure). Also I've done a two player mode, but I don't know how to harmonize it with the game plot... I think I'll do a 2P versus mode besides the game, a little like Barbarian 1, with special levels."

Bad news: "Due to a technical problem on one of my harddrives, approx 70% of the grafx of my ninja game are lost forever!!! This definitely won't stop my project, but there will be a big delay. God damn Bill Gates and Windows! Anyway it's a chance to reorganize my work more rationally after holidays. And last but not least, the main program is safe. I'll keep you updated in the future."

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