JANE (Just Another Ninja Engine)

From the Polymath Programming website:
  • JANE v1 - Never completed, was started using VB.NET, however, realising that requiring the .NET framework (25Mb) for a 10Kb game wasn't going to win many hearts, it was scrapped.
  • JANE v2 - First public release. Written in 100% Intel x86 Assembly Language for the Windows platform. It was a short game, only had one weapon, but had an addition to the original game which I thought was needed - two enemies on one screen
  • JANE MIDP - J2ME Java conversion of JANE to run on mobile phones. The only tested phone was the SonyEricsson K500, but it was quite slow. After my evaluation ran out on my MIDP development tool, and complete lack of enthusiasm to find another, it was ditched. The emulators that ran JANE on anything other than SonyEricsson phones draw really bad pictures, all the wrong colours. I don't know if it was the emulators, but so much for Java compatibility!?
  • JANE v3 - Still written in 100% Intel x86 Assembly Language for the Windows platform, this version has some hot new features. Those mainly being -
    • Multiplayer over TCP/IP (ie. the Internet)
    • Choice of player character
    • Custom maps (use the map editor to create your own)
    • More weapons than JANE v2
  • JANE v4 - JANE v4 will seperate from previous instances, to include a new isometric engine, which has many new features and improvements, and supports a custom scripting engine to make the level editor much more flexible.
    Version 4 will support single player maps (but no automatic follow on maps) and multiplayer maps. Multiplayer mode will support deathmatch (every man for himself), and a team mode (Ninjas vs Samurai). Thanks to the scripting aspect, team mode can be extended beyond team deathmatch to play a "capture the flag" type game.
Get the engine (singleplayer or multiplayer) from the JANE website.

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