Ninja Everywhere!

The Last Ninja was spotted in several other games doing a guest appearance. Look!

Ninja Sisters (by me)

Ninjathlon (by me)

(by me)

Ninja McKracken (by me)

International Ninja (by Netkoji)

Ninjarian (by Netkoji)

Snoopninja (by Netkoji)

The Ninja's Tale (by me)

Wonderninja (by me)

Ninjas 'n' Goblins (by me)

Ninja Paintball (by Avila)

Armakuni's Quest for Ninja (by Netkoji)

Ninjulus (by Antonio Spatrisano)

Knight Ninja (by Antonio Spatrisano)

Commando Ninja (by Spare Fuse)

Maniac Ninja 1 (by Spare Fuse)

Maniac Ninja 2 (by Spare Fuse)

Test Drive Ninja (by Spare Fuse)

Shurrican 2 (by Ninja/The Dreams)

Rainbow Ninja (by Trooper)

Bubble Ninja (by Trooper)

New Zealand Ninja (by Trooper)

Ninja Games (Winter) by Ninja/The Dreams

by Ninja/The Dreams

by Ninja/The Dreams

Law of the East by Spare Fuse

Ninjaboy by Spare Fuse

The Last Sentinel by Tom Simons

Crystal Kingdom Ninja by Marco Cargnelutti

Lazy Ninja by Ali

Operation Ninja by Ali

The Forbidden Ninja by Martin D.

Ninja Renegade by Ali

Super Ninja Ice Hockey by Martin D.

Black Beret by Ali.

Zorroninja by Ali.

Kunitoki in a fight by Shotgun Guard.

Our Fighting Friend relaxing at the Leaderboard golf course.. by Joris Portegies Zwart.

..and getting into trouble after partying at the Chatsubo by Joris Portegies Zwart.

Impossible Ninja by Iron Kestrel

Enter the Last Ninja by Iron Kestrel

Last Ninja: Xtreme Beach Volleyball by Iron Kestrel

Last Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by Iron Kestrel

Metal Gear Solid: Sons of Kunitoki by Iron Kestrel

The Last Ninja in real life while breaking into the mansion by unknown photographer

Blood Omen copies Last Ninja?! spotted by Nate Woolston

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