The Last Ninja 1: The Inner Sanctum

You start here.
Walk northwest, then northeast and get the bottle from the table.

Go back and continue northwest. Enter the next room to the east.
Keep going and you'll end up in a room full of vases.
Use the rose and walk towards the last big vase. A secret passage!

The other two rooms in the main hallway contain other fun stuff:
One has a telescope which you can look through and
the other has a cannon !
When you walk towards it you'll learn to fly. =)

Behind the passage is a nasty hound waiting for you!

Use the bottle and throw it as you would throw a shuriken.
Again, aiming and timing are of the essence.
Try walking towards the dog and throwing the bottle
at the same moment he starts leaping towards you!

After putting him to sleep you encounter a threatening statue
around the corner. If you get too close a deadly arrow
(the size of a spear!) will kill you.

Touch the spots on the ground to get - yes! Ninja magic!
This time, it gives you a red glow.

Walk past the archer, he won't notice you now.

Kill the last enemy and prepare to face Kunitoki!

There he is!

Try fast attacks (button+up) not letting him attack...

After beating him you're teleported to the scroll chamber.
Unready your weapon and jump onto the inner square.

Walk to the altar and get the scrolls !

You made it!

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