The Secret Sanctum

Wondering what Soa's Engine is? Check it out!

At the end of LN1 you were teleported into the scroll chamber and this is where you start. Jump out of the deadly (remember ? ;) square and punch the correct shield to open the secret door.

Wait close to the door. When the guard is farthest from you get the sword and show him the error of his ways!

Since some of the upcoming guards resurrect several times you might want to finish them off once and for all before continuing, especially the one in the next room. Walk southeast and get the shuriken from the closet.

Walk southeast and northeast to get the empty bottle from the shelf.

Return and continue southeast. Enter the blue room and fill the bottle with water.

Return to the huge vase and pour the water from the bottle in there. Repeat three times.

(feel free to adjust the game speed for this - just make sure you don't run into enemies) The candles light up and you can go southeast and jump (yeah!) on the platforms!

The right combination is down, right, right, lower right, up. Don't forget to press Shift when you need to finetune your position on a platform.

A shuriken will finish off the blue guy. Get the orbs from the niche in the wall

and put them on the pedestals using the right combination. Be careful, if you create the wrong combination you'll die if you stay inside the rectangle drawn on the ground so always step back to admire your work from the distance.

Walk northwest (jump down, upper left, left, left up at the platforms) past the shuriken closet and northeast into the room where a trapdoor has opened. Hop in!

Welcome to the secret sanctum!

Walk southwest killing the tough guys carrying staffs and get the key.

Return to where you came from, head southeast and then soutwest.

Now this is a strange room! Hit the correct tile when the warning light is off. (read: not red)

You get the blue key. Walk to the right and use it to open the door.

After beating Mr. Red (he's tougher than Mr. Blue but not as strong) get Kunitoki's blood!

Leave through the secret passage. You managed to escape!

On to the Back Gardens...

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