Ninja 2 Framework

by Luigi Di Fraia

You can fool around and test all LN2 ninja animations. Even better, you can edit the included .PNG file and customize the Ninja to your taste! Here are the controls:
  • Cursor keys to move
  • Right Control for fire
  • Space bar to change weapon
Check out Luigi Di Fraias website.

Last Ninja Engine beta test version 3

by Rocket Dragon

I'll quote from the readme.txt:

*** What's in? ***

- 640x480 resolution
- Player power gauge
- Collision detection
- MOD/S3M/XM music
- items system
- player actions: walking, somersault, evading/blocking, dying, kick & punch (buggy!)


*** What needs to be done? ***

- weapons system and player fighting animation
- better graphics (who wants to help me?)
- better direction calculation
- adjusting player action animation axis (walking seems to be ok)
- music/sound effects (and build-in toggle)
- joystick support

I hope others will support me and if they do I will give them full credit, as I am only inserting the stuff into the game. What about some really cool features? Please join me and let's work like a team! Send me some cool graphics/animations/plots/sound samples/whatever!

Last Ninja Remix Engine

by Segra

I'll just quote from Rob, the creator:

I noticed over time the lack of information about the actual LN engine itself, even tools for editing/extracting data are lacking. So for some fun I started reversing the Amiga LN Remix. I figure this information could be very useful to anyone writing an LN engine/rewriting the original engine.

I've decided to release this, including the source code. The project is VisualStudio 2008 but I've also included the compiled exe (as well as the data extracted from the Skidrow disks, with repaired disk 3). It supports loading and displaying all the objects. What's really needed is player movement ;)

The code is a bit sloppy in some places but should provide a good reference for anyone wanting to use the original data in their engine.
Controls are simple and if you start from the commandline you can specify which level you want to see:
LastNinjaRemixed.exe <level number> (where level number is between 1 and 6 - if you dont provide one level1 will start)
To change rooms just press RIGHT CTRL. When you press on the final room of a level, it WILL crash ;)

I also added the "Eclipse" logo to the very beginning (where it should have appeared originally), figured may as well :)
All thats required to compile is VS 2008 and SDL/SDLMain to run, you may need the MS Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package. SDL.DLL is already included.

If you want to get in contact with Rob, try emailing segra_strobs_com.

The First Ninja

by Barry Swan

I'll just quote Barry:

I am about to start writing a game based on TLN, but it'll be the prequel called (originally enough) the First Ninja. It'll be an internet game. Not as in multi-player (that would be TOO cool but well beyond my current ability, I know no network stuff at all) but it will be running in my webpage so others can play it online or offline.
I am going to do it in a kind of Resident Evil kind of viewpoint as opposed to isometric, which will hopfeully allow for some atmospheric locations.
I'm hoping to make it look pretty special which I think I can do. Control is a tricky issue for me. I can go with the standard controls for moving people around, but I'm hoping to give you a bit more freedom since the rooms should be in 3D. Also I'm looking into a combat method where you use the mouse to swing whatever weapon you are controlling. Early days yet and I might have to scrap this as too ambitious, but fingers crossed :)

So if anyone can offer general ideas on what they'd like, then let me or the list know. I'd love it if lots of people came up with ideas, so I could make it as respectful a game as possible of it's descendants. :)

I've very nearly finished the 3D engine that it will run in, and I've started fleshing out the storyline, as well as researching the actual code and areas I'll need. Trouble is I've got another game to finish first :(

I've decided to put on hold my current programming plans because there's a possibility I'll be able to make it 3D hardware accelerated, which should mean I can do something much more impressive, but it's gonna take me about a month or so to research it. Thing is, results should be well worthwhile :) Storyline and other stuff is still in progress, so comments/ideas/suggestions still welcome at address below!

Well, anyway, I am planning on making my game like this, certainly going for unusual and dramatic camera angles in rooms (in fact I expect to spend serious time playing these sorts of game for ahh.... research :) I'd like to go down the realism route of graphics, partly 'cos I can't draw and I've only got a texture CD and photoshop, but also because, in it's own way, (to me at least) TLN was one of the most realistic graphical games of it's time. It was way ahead in representation of reality, although obviously it looks dated now. I hope to match this in the spirit of the thing. In fact I'm doing a lot to hopefully go with the spirit of the thing - 3D viewpoints are the modern equivalent of isometric games (and it's only natural then to go with cinematic camera angles), and I'll make it as realistic as possible (which should be a whole lot more realistic if my 3D buggering around pays off), and hopfeully I'll be able to capture that ephemeral quality - gameplay.
Of course, I'm only one person etc. etc. but any deficencies I can just blame on it being on the web - which actually presents me with some very interesting problems, and I'm going to have to be damn careful about it all, I want mp3 audio (NOT CD quality I might add, I might post a demo up of the quality you can expect), and levels to stream in intelligently. So it's gonna have to be done right if I do it at all :)

(his eMail address is gerbil @ his site as linked above)

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