Last Ninja Downloads for other systems

The Last Ninja 1 BBC-micro version
The Last Ninja 2 BBC-micro version
Last Ninja 1 Archimedes version (please let me know if this works for you)
Last Ninja 1 Archimedes version (buggy - sprite graphics are corrupted)
Skip levels by pausing the game, holding down LN246 and then pressing F12.
The Last Ninja 1 Archimedes Demo
The Last Ninja 1 Archimedes Demo (alternative version)
(works with RedSquirrel)
Last Ninja on the Tandy (TRS-80) Color Computer (CoCo)
Last Ninja 2 on the Konix Multisystem
Last Ninja 2 was planned for the ill-fated Konix Multisystem:
"Filmed at ATD's offices, this film shows a Konix Multi System dev kit, upon
which Jon Steele demonstrates the first milestone of "Last Ninja 2", which ATD
were developing for System 3, for the Konix Multi System. The backgrounds are
navigable, but no character or animation is present."

Check the video out at

Update: The Last Ninja 2 disks were discovered and transferred!
Read these two articles to sum it up: Konix Edition recovery and an update.
I'll check with Frank Gasking if and how these files could be made available...
Last Ninja 1 Olivetti Version
Here are some scans from the Olivetti box and manual:
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
The Last Ninja 2 Enterprise 128 version
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