The Underground Paths

First of all, sorry for the quality of some of the screenshots. The Underground Paths level uses lots of dithering in the pictures which makes the screen look awful when resized to 240x144 so I resampled them instead and used a bit of sharpening.

You start here. Turn northwest at the next crossroads.
You'll need timing here. The first trap shoots five times in a row, the second one shoots two arrows. When the first trap fires it's first arrow together with the second arrow from the second trap you can safely run along during the next firing pause.

After taking care of the guard flick the switch. This will lower the fence that was surronding the elevator.

Return to the crossroads and head southeast. Kick in the door.

Walk along the hallway while avoiding the ghosts that float around. Enter the door at the end.

Let the skeleton taste your staff and grab the mask. Yup, avoid the arrows. :)

Return to the crossroads, walk northeast and step on the elevator.

Wear the mask and walk through the poisonous gas.

Kill the skeleton and go southeast. Kick in both doors.

Enter the first room and get the doorknob from one of the cabinets.

You'll notice that one is missing in the second room - that's where you need to put the knob.
This opens the gate in the southern tunnel.

Leave the room, head west and then southwest. Walk around the nasty flames or there'll be fried ninja today.

When you see the ghost in the tunnel, retreat and re-enter until the tunnel is empty. (except fot the rats of course) That pesky ghost is pretty hard to evade.

Uh-oh! Better leave and try again!

After shattering the skeleton's bones pull the lever using the glove or you'll burn yourself. This will set the second elevator in motion.

Return to the twin rooms and continue east. Step on the platform.

Wait for the second platform to arrive and jump on it. You only have one try, better make it good!

After stepping off the platform head northeast. Jump to the right and then lower-right avoiding the ghost and the red tiles on the floor.

Pull the lever. If you walk close to the red tile the arrow will miss you. This will open the door to the skeleton guarding the lorry.

Jump back the way you came (jump to the upper-left, then left) and go southwest. Destroy the skeleton and free the lorry by pulling the switch.

Walk back, ready your weapon and go southeast. Ladies and gentlemen, the well of everlasting curse!

Kill the final guard and drop Kunitoki's blood into the well!

Oh no, the caves are collapsing! Run east and enter the lorry to escape!

Whew, that was close but you made it!

Now run along and enjoy the wonderful ending!

Thanks, SoA!
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