The Last Ninja 2: City Streets

You start here. Walk southeast and enter the alley.
Get the hamburger

and return to the street to cross it. (watch the traffic lights!)
Keep going west. Kick in the door and enter the ninja shoppe!

After taking care of the ninja wannabe pick up the sword!

Exit the shop and return to the street.
Walk southeast (cross when the lights are red)
and keep close to the street, it's raining vases.
Further southeast you'll find another hamburger
in case you missed the first one, only then. (Thanks Elf)

Get it and continue on your way...(watch the lady in the window)
Steal..uh..confiscate the bottle (the bum had enough)

and cross the street.
Enter the hut - you'll find another (big) key.

Walk all the way back (nortwest).
At the last traffic lights turn northeast.
After crossing the street head southeast, enter the alley,
open the manhole cover using the big key

and enter The Sewers!

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