The Mountain

You start here. Walk to the east end and get the staple. (remember LN3 ? :-)

Take care not to step too close to the edge while fighting!
Return to the large tree and climb it using the staple.

Kill the baddie and head left.
Enjoy the view and get one half of the nunchaku.

You'll find the other one at the rightmost edge.

We're going even higher - now walk left
and climb the wall using the claw.

Move a bit to the left and continue climbing.

Now be brave and jump the chasm on your left.

Get the golden key from the bird's nest.

Jump back and continue to your right.
Climb the tree using the staple.

You've reached the top. Take your time choosing your weapon, the bad guy won't hit you until you move. Show him who's the ninja and head to the right. Tie the rope to the tree stump and walk towards it to climb down. Take a look here on where to stand.

One more jump

and one more kill and you've reached the entrance to the Underground Paths! Use either four shuriken or fight the guard up close. Use the key to open the gate.

On to the Underground Paths!

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