The Last Ninja 2: The Sewers

You start here. Walk northeast until you arrive at a small chasm.
Enter the room and get the key.

Return and jump over the chasm.

After crossing another one wait for the spider to drop from the ceiling,
then you may continue.

See the spider dropping down ?

Open the grating using the key

and climb down!
Eventually, you'll arrive at several doorways.
First, take the middle one.
Then the one on the left.
Evade the rats and take the left door again.

Light the whiskey bottle using the torch and proceed.

Ouch! Ah! HOT! HOT! HOT!

Well, throw your molotow cocktail at the alligator.


If you don't want to hurt any animals go to the very left hand side
(next to wall) and just walk straight up the wall. Once once you're
a couple of bricks up the wall exit the screen to your left.
(Thanks to Rodger (special-edition) for this. :)

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