The Last Ninja 3: Stage 4

You start here.
Take the staple in the next screen -
use it whenever you need to climb some rungs.

Continue southeast and jump over the molten metal.

Climb the rungs in the next room.

Walk along the ledge and get the ingot at the end.

Climb down and head north.

Get the dust mask.

Go all the way back to the pool and jump southwest.

Don't forget to wear the mask!
Get the flow agent,

return and jump northwest.

Go into either of the two exits to the lower left.
You end up here where you find a potion.

Head southwest. (Wear the mask! )
Cimb the rungs again and keep going.
You should be here now:

Keep walking two times southeast and get the key mold.

One more time southeast and you find the scroll.

One room further southeast you need to use the bellows
on the ember to turn it into a blazing fire.

Now use the mold with the fire to make a nice key from the ingot.
Run two times southeast and open the gate with your key.

Descend the stairs using the scroll.
Blabla kill guard blabla.

On to the next level!

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