The Last Ninja 1: The Dungeons

You start here.
After the first fight you'll drop through the ground and enter - The Dungeons!

Head east and get the rope hanging on the wall.

At the first crossroads, go southeast.
There are skeletons waiting for you throughout the maze,

one hit from their sword hurts

- two kill you for sure.

Fortunately, one blow is enough to scatter them on the floor again.
Best tactic is using the staff and hitting them with a quick slash (button+left)
Or just kick their bones.

"The hip bone's connected to the..."

The easiest way through the labyrinth is as follows:
Go southwest, follow the path and get the apple.

Continue, then walk two times southwest.
Southeast. Northeast. Finally, three times southwest.
After killing the final baddie use the rope to climb the rings
and leave the dreaded dungeons!

You even avoided the spider. Whew.
Want to see it ? Go northeast at the last crossroads.

This stage's music is SO scary!!

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