The Last Ninja 1: The Wastelands

You start here. Walk to the southeast and kill the bad guy.
From now on I'll refrain from mentioning them.
(you'll see for yourself - heheh)

Head southwest and south.
You'll see the sword lying on a rock - take it!
(Press space to ready it.)

Walk southwest, next is the first river!

As soon as you enter the scene keep holding your stick to the lower left and jump in that direction.
Next, jump to the left and then jump down. Voilą. Exit to the southwest.

Continue until you see the dead guy lying in a corner, get the nunchaku from his belt!

Continue past the key and past the shrine. If you feel like it - pray:
unready weapon (space) and walk towards the statue -
it'll show you what item to collect next.

Get the pouch in the next scene

and then go back to collect the key.

Walk southwest and head north at the next crossroad.
Get the smoke bomb (three at a time) from behind the rock
(don't worry about running out, there's a big pile behind it)

and cross the swamp!

You can walk on the first piece of wood and then you only have to jump up everytime.
When you're standing at the edge don't walk but jump or else you'll drown.

The same applies to the other half. Exit to the east.

Walk northeast, turn southeast at the shrine and get the apple.
(gives you an extra life)
ATTN: As soon as you have only one life left
the apples will reappear. Thanks Elf!

Continue east and pick up the shuriken.

Retreat to the last crossroad and keep going northeast.
Eventually, you'll arrive at the dragons's cave.
To make it sleep you'll have to throw a bomb at its nose.
AIM CAREFULLY! If you're not standing exactly where the picture shows
you'll probably miss and have to return to get new bombs.
Once it's asleep exit the level to the east.

(The version which is downloadable from my site
has a way cool trainer which gives you unlimited items...very handy.)

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