Heyyy, after years of abstinence I started playing with current composing software
and testing their capabilities. Here's the resulting short song I created. It's fast.
Give it a try: "Abyss" (2.08 Mb) - there's more to come.
some of the music I did, uh, around '95 using the X-Tracker.
These are 6 out of about 50+ 'songs' I actually finished.

"No Ezcape" 3.14 Mb
very ravy. i did this one day before a math exam.
i get very productive when under stress. ;-)
"Journey to Kadath" 2.68 Mb
pretty fast paced. some breakbeats here and fancy melodies.
"Freakout" 3.57 Mb
whee, bass! :)
again, cubic player doesn't support the sine volume modulation envelope. (gasp)
oh well. until there's a decent DMF converter...
"Orbs of Omniscience" 1.77 Mb
sort of fast hardcore. just wanted to do a pumped-up song.
call it stress release if you like.
"Between the Dimensions" 3.31 Mb
a bit monotonous.
this song is the oldest and suffers the most from
incompatibilities. Oh well.
"The sun is shi-ning" 1.33 Mb
i felt good and wanted to turn this into music.
here's what came out of it. let's go out and play!

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